The Fraunhofer TechBridge Program


TechBridge provides an open innovation and technology validation platform for investors and industry sponsors.

TechBridge identifies and de-risks promising technologies by leveraging the extensive resources of Fraunhofer CSE and the greater Fraunhofer network, including the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance.

At the core of TechBridge is the design and execution of development and demonstration projects that:

  1. Optimize and test prototypes
  2. Provide third-party validation
  3. Perform field demonstrations
  4. Evaluate manufacturability

The funding for TechBridge projects is provided directly by public and private sector sponsors to make Fraunhofer projects accessible to startups.

Our method in action! - The TechBridge Challenge

TechBridge runs “TechBridge Challenges” for our partners to perform technical validation projects that prepare the startup(s) for partnership and provide the sponsor with actionable information about the latest innovations in relevant areas.

  • TB-SLIDER-FUNDING 2018.png
  • TB-SLIDER-CREATED 2018.png
  • 18 TechBridge companies with a survival rate of over 95%
  • $186 million follow-on funding raised
  • 367+ jobs created
  • 3 successful acquisitions

Recent TechBridge News

Panel: Big (Startup) Breakthroughs: New Materials, Chemicals, and Industrial Processes..

Rancis, N. - August 23, 2018. EPRI Electrification 2018. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.
Nick Rancis is a panelist on “Big (Startup) Breakthroughs: New Materials, Chemicals, and Industrial Processes.”

Accelerate Energy Summit.

August 20, 2018. New Energy Nexus (Nexus) and IncubateEnergy. Hyatt Regency Long Beach Hotel, Long Beach, CA.
Nick Rancis will attend.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Day.

May 24, 2018. NECEC. Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA.
Massachusetts Clean Energy Day will showcase the growing vitality of the clean energy industry and the importance of...

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Lead, TechBridge Program
Office +1 (617) 379-5701