The PV Module Durability Initiative (PVDI)


Durability Data for Financiers, Developers, and Manufacturers

As PV begins to reach scale, lifetime uncertainty remains a hurdle in project financing. IEC and UL tests predict early failure for modules, but do not address durability.

Fraunhofer, with its decades-long experience in PV development, testing, and qualification, is partnering with PV module manufacturers, developers, and financiers to address these issues. The result is the Photovoltaic Module Durability Initiative (PVDI): an integrated lifetime assessment initiative to understand and improve PV module durability.

Benefits to Industry and Participants

  • Quantitative third-party assessment.
  • Ranking system provides continuous industry research and development for more durable PV modules.
  • Steering committee to expand international testing protocol.
  • Ranking system provides performance relative to baseline and competing technologies.
  • Anonymity of comparative data.
  • Combined effects and determination of acceleration factors.

PV module manufacturers, system developers, and financiers can participate in the PVDI program. For more information, please contact Dr. Christian Hoepfner.

Test Protocols

PVDI exceeds existing certification standards. Tests include:

  • Accelerated combined effects testing: UV, damp heat with positive/negative voltage bias, dynamic mechanical stresses, temperature cycling, humidity-freze, etc.
  • Outdoor exposure.
  • Ongoing correlation of accelerated testing and outdoor exposure to calibrate lifetime predictions.


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