Winn Gatewood

Administrative Lead
  • Full Range of Administrative Services

Winn Gatewood joined Fraunhofer CSE in 2013. Winn supports the accounting team with purchasing, and the broader center with organizational capabilities.

Before joining Fraunhofer, Winn worked at EM4, Inc., a start-up recently acquired by Gooch and Housego. Employee #10 at EM4, Winn led customer relationship management and human resources initiatives for over a decade. Working with a small team, Winn served as the main point of contact for all initial product sales leads. She supported sales by providing detailed product information to potential and existing customers, promoted strong client relations and led various marketing and communications functions including coordinating tradeshows.

Prior to her role at EM4, Winn worked as a project and human resource coordinator for Fidelity Investments. A native of Kentucky, Winn obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Suffolk University, Boston, MA.

Winn is an avid runner, swimmer and cyclist.


Winn Gatewood
Administrative Lead
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