Michael Zeifman, Ph.D.

Principal Technical Staff, Building Energy Systems
  • Residential Energy Modeling and Disaggregation
  • Statistical Data Modeling and Analysis
  • Physics-Based Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Reliability and Uncertainty Characterization

Dr. Michael Zeifman is a Principal Member of Technical Staff for Fraunhofer CSE’s Building Energy Systems Group and specializes in interdisciplinary topics, such as application of advanced statistical and machine learning methods to energy monitoring and modeling, experimental design, demand response and uncertainty characterization. Prior to joining Fraunhofer CSE in 2010, Michael worked in the general field of modeling and simulation for more than fifteen years. He has served as a principal investigator on numerous R&D projects funded either by government or industry, as an Executive/Technical Program Committee member on several IEEE conferences, and as an NSF Panel Reviewer (Information and Intelligent Systems Division). Michael authored about 70 peer-reviewed scientific and technical papers.

Michael received his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia, and his graduate degrees in Quality Control and Reliability from Technion in Haifa, Israel. Michael is a Senior Member of both IEEE and AIAA.

Recent Presentations and Publications

Zeifman, M., Lazrak, A., Roth, K. (2019).
Zeifman, M., Lazrak, A., Roth, K. (2018).
Annual energy savings of up to $4- 5 billion could be achieved n ationwide through basic insulation and heating system...
Zeifman, M. - August 16, 2018
Michael Zeifman presented on Panel 12 - Smart Buildings, Smart Grid, and the Internet of Things on Aug. 16, Session 1,...
Kromer, M., Roth, K., Yip, T., Zeifman, M. - June 12, 2018
Tsz Yip presented.
Roth, K., Zeifman, M., Lazrak, A. - January 17, 2018
Whereat we have a Thermostat Chat: Using Communicating Thermostat Data to Remotely Identify EE Opportunities. CEE Winter Program Meeting, Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA.
Kurt Roth presents.
Zeifman, M. (2017).
Identification and tracking of major electric appliances by using aggregate power data obtained at the main breaker...
Lazrak, A., Zeifman, M. - November 9, 2017
Amine Lazrak presented.
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Zeifman, M. - February 11, 2015
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Michael Zeifman, Ph.D.
Principal Technical Staff, Building Energy Systems
Office +1 (617) 714-6510