Fraunhofer CSE's Building Energy Systems group performs applied R&D to provide insights into the energy performance of building systems and develop new energy-saving technologies and practices.

Our interdisciplinary team has expertise in several core disciplines, including field monitoring, data analytics, behavioral analysis, energy modeling, and thermal and fluid science.

We create project teams tailored to the specific needs of each project to effectively and efficiently deliver for our clients. We:

  • Test, demonstrate, and evaluate the performance of emerging building technologies in the field
  • Develop building performance assessment and control algorithms
  • Evaluate the impact of people and behaviors on energy consumption
  • Characterize building energy consumption to inform policy decisions
  • Assess building technologies to identify high-impact opportunities

Recent Building Energy Systems News

Massachusetts State Reps Visit Fraunhofer CSE’s Living Lab in South Boston.

Fraunhofer CSE, cleantechnotes.org, February 15, 2018. Last month, Fraunhofer CSE was honored to host Massachusetts State House Representatives Jon Hecht (29th Middlesex...

Gadgets: Weniger ist mehr [Less is More].

Evers, M., Der Spiegel, January 5, 2018 . Smartphone, tablet, game console, flat screen TV: The home appliance zoo seems to have grown explosively recently. But...

Upcoming Events

Session: Better from A Distance: Saving Money and Improving Quality with Remote Techniques.

Roth, K. - April 23, 2018. 2018 HPC National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show. Home Performance Coalition. Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA.
Kurt Roth presents.

Grid Modernization in Massachusetts: International Insights to Meet 2050 Carbon Goals.

April 25, 2018. Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems. Fraunhofer CSE, Boston, MA.

Latest Presentations & Publications

A Data-Driven BIRCH Clustering Method for Extracting Typical Load Profiles for Big Data

Fontanini, A., Abreu, J. (2018). In: IEEE Power & Energy General Meeting. Portland: IEEE PES.
In typical load shape analysis, many different clustering methods have been used to segment customers, interpret...

Impacts of Operators’ Behavior on Reliability of Power Grids during Cascading Failures

Wang, Z., Rahnamay-Naeini, M., Abreu, J., Shuvro, R., Das, P., Mammoli, A., et al. (2018). : IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.
(Paper accepted) Human operators play a key role in the reliable operation of critical infrastructures. However, human...

Poster Session: SunDial - An Integrated SHINES System to Enable High-penetration Feeder-level PV.

Roth, K., Kromer, M. - February 12, 2018. U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office Portfolio Review. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Wardman Park Marriott, Washington, DC.
Kurt Roth and Matt Kromer presents.

Lab and Testing Facilities

The Building Energy Systems group conducts field testing in occupied commercial and residential buildings across the U.S. We also perform behavioral testing and data acquisition development in the Center headquarters in Boston, and have access to Fraunhofer’s outdoor testing capabilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Revere, MA.

Our Research Facilities


Fraunhofer CSE partners with a wide-array of leading governmental, industry, academic and research institutions around the world.

Our Partners


Kurt Roth, Ph.D.
Director, Building Energy Systems
Office +1 (617) 575-7256