Research Areas


Fraunhofer CSE's Building Enclosures and Materials Group supports US and international building systems and material manufacturers in the following areas:

  • Research and development of novel energy-efficient materials and systems, including advanced thermal insulations and environmental barriers, phase change materials (PCMs), advanced ventilation strategies, and systems to control radiation heat transfer
  • Advanced thermal, hygrothermal modeling and laboratory testing of material properties
  • Whole building energy simulations and energy consumption analysis
  • Deployment, integration, and demonstration of energy-efficient building envelope technologies and materials
  • Development and testing of novel building-integrated solar systems

As in many similar building science laboratories worldwide, an important part of the Fraunhofer CSE research program in the area of building envelopes is associated with the following scales of experimental analysis:

Material Scale Testing

System-Scale Laboratory and Environmental Exposure Testing

Full-Scale Field Testing

Numerical Analysis


Jan Kośny, Ph.D.
Director, Building Enclosures and Materials
Office +1 (617) 714-6525