TechBridge: Method

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems


Fraunhofer TechBridge performs customized technical validation work for startups, paving the way for groundbreaking energy companies to attract funding, partnerships, and customers.


We work with program Sponsors to determine the scope and goals of each program, typically focusing on innovation in a particular region (government sponsor) or a topic of strategic interest (industry/investor sponsor).

Identify: TechBridge executes a comprehensive startup search and selection process that integrates expert technical and business expertise.
Design: Fraunhofer domain experts design a customized validation or demonstration project that integrates the goals of the Sponsor with those of the selected startup(s).
Execute: The technical projects are executed at Fraunhofer research facilities and in real-world settings. Projects may include:
  • Optimizing and testing prototypes
  • Conducting field demonstrations in real-world conditions
  • Performing system integration work
  • Evaluating manufacturability

Engage with TechBridge:

Want to learn more about how we can tailor the TechBridge method to fit your needs? Email Dr. Jacqueline Ashmore, TechBridge Lead, for more information:

Our Method in Action: The TechBridge Challenge

TechBridge runs “TechBridge Challenges” for our industry partners. We first define an area of innovation need with the sponsor and then select one of more teams from an open solicitation. Then, we perform targeted technical validation projects that prepare the startup(s) for partnership and provide the industry sponsor with actionable information on the relevant area of innovation.

Work at a Startup?

Interested in working with TechBridge? Check out our TechBridge Startup Page to find out how we engage with entrepreneurs.