The Fraunhofer TechBridge Program

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

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  Making Energy Start-Up Ideas Investable

A New Model for Cleantech Commercialization

Fraunhofer CSE's TechBridge program helps promising early-stage, clean energy start-ups build, develop, and validate their technologies to accelerate commercialization by:


By tapping into the deep industry knowledge at Fraunhofer, TechBridge executes targeted, low-cost projects from an industry perspective that move a product toward commercialization.


As a result of TechBridge start-up activities, investors and strategic partners benefit from the de-risking and development of early-stage technologies.

Fraunhofer CSE is a 501 (C) 3. Services are provided at no cost to start-ups, and field-of-use IP is fully protected. TechBridge is funded by private and public sector stakeholders.

The TechBridge Fellowship Program

Interested in becoming a TechBridge Fellow? Work with cleantech startups, get exposed to different technology areas, and help us develop a new model for cleantech commercialization!