The Fraunhofer TechBridge Program

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

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Innovators are poised to revolutionize the energy landscape. We want to unlock their potential.

Energy entrepreneurs are burdened with a nearly impossible task: with scant resources, they must navigate the expensive and nuanced process of validating their revolutionary solutions for investors and customers.


To address this pervasive challenge, Fraunhofer TechBridge performs customized technical validation work informed directly by industry, paving the way for groundbreaking energy startups to attract funding and partnerships.

How We Do What We Do

At the core of TechBridge is the design and execution of TechBridge Projects — highly targeted industry-grade development and demonstration projects that position startups for strategic partnerships, private sector investments, and customer deployments. Projects typically combine many elements, such as optimizing and testing prototypes, performing third-party validation, performing field demonstrations, and evaluating manufacturability.

Public- and private-sector sponsors provide the direct funding for TechBridge Projects, making them accessible to startups.


TechBridge leverages the extensive resources of Fraunhofer CSE and the greater Fraunhofer network, including the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance.