Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar PV (SHINES) award

Enabling solar energy storage solutions to build a more reliable grid

Grid Integration at the Utility Distribution Level

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected a Fraunhofer CSE-led team to carry out a $3.5M, three-year research project to design, develop, and demonstrate an integrated system of solar photovoltaic (PV), energy storage, and facility load management at the utility distribution scale in Massachusetts. Fraunhofer CSE, with National Grid, EnerNOC, and Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), will match the award, contributing $3.5M towards the project.


Currently, one of the biggest challenges facing utilities is how to integrate large quantities of PV production with the electric grid without compromising power reliability and quality. The Fraunhofer CSE-led project, called “SunDial,” will create a management system that optimally manages facility loads and energy storage charging and discharging to mitigate potential problems due to intermittency and large ramps in PV power generation.


SunDial will tightly integrate PV, energy storage, and aggregated facility load management to actively manage net system power flows to and from the feeder – regardless of whether these individual components are co-located at the same site, or distributed at different sites. Working together, these systems will address the two greatest issues currently inhibiting high-penetration of PV on the grid - the intermittency of PV generation and the mismatch between electric loads and electric generation.


The project team, led by Fraunhofer CSE, will create an open-source framework that builds upon existing interoperability data models to facilitate integration among PV plant developers, load aggregators, independent system operators and utilities across a range of use cases and business models.