Plug and Play PV systems

A Pathway to Install PV Faster, More Easily, & Safely

An industry-wide collaboration to make solar affordable for all

The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE is developing Plug and Play PV systems to dramatically reduce the soft costs of residential PV installations, targeting a goal of $1.50/Watt installed cost by 2020, down from an average of $3-4/W installed cost in the U.S. today. The vision of the project is to make PV systems similar to an appliance – installed quickly, easily, and safely, even by someone with no prior PV installation experience.


The holistic approach to design integrates technologies into a system architecture that simplifies code compliance and automates permitting, inspection, and interconnection – thereby reducing the time and removing the uncertainties in those processes that increase soft costs.  

Additionally, soft costs are reduced through the very rapid installation of Plug and Play PV systems. During the recent 2016 Plug and Play PV demonstration, a team of three people (with no prior PV installation experience) installed and commissioned a 3kW Plug and Play PV system in less than 75 minutes.