Photovoltaic Technologies: Service and Research Areas

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

Section view of a soldered busbar of a solar cell, embedded in epoxy.

Supporting Deployment of Innovative Solar Technology


  • Modeling: Mechanical, optical and thermal modeling; energy yield; cost analysis.
  • Module Design and Fabrication: All capabilities required to turn cells into mount-ready modules; support for novel encapsulants, edge sealants, back sheets, and solar glass.
  • Module / Materials Characterization: Module energy yield prediction; testing and failure analysis using EL and IR imaging.
  • Accelerated Aging and Testing: New test methods to simulate rigorous operating conditions – humidity and temperature gradients, mechanical stresses.
  • Outdoor Exposure and Performance Monitoring: Long-term, off-grid and grid-connected testing in northeast and southwest climates.
  • Quality Analysis: Durability and degradation, compliance with rated characteristics, energy output.