Grid Integration
Service and Research Areas

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

CSE researchers monitoring power output of a solar installation.

Integrating Renewable Energies into Everyday Life


Focus Areas:

  • Innovative “Plug & Play” PV System Design: Integrating and demonstrating intrinsically safe, code-compliant technologies to enable low-cost rooftop PV installation
  • Microgrids: Supporting commercialization of grid-connected, off-grid, and “virtual” microgrids through collaborative development of system design control platforms, and other enabling technologies
  • Grid Integration of Renewables and Energy Storage: Developing technologies and topologies to mitigate the impacts of high penetration renewables
  • Energy Systems Integration: Optimizing the interface between distributed generation, demand management, and building energy science
  • Smart Grid: Using control, communications, and distribution automation technologies to enable a smarter, more responsive power delivery system