Fellowships: Candidate Criteria & Evaluation

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

Former CSE PV Group Leader Dan Doble explains a concept to a CSE intern.

The Building Blocks of Outstanding Candidates

Our selection process is highly competitive, and each position requires particular combinations of skills and experience. Successful candidates in each focus area are at the top of their fields for their level of educational attainment or training. The criteria listed in the position description are the minimum thresholds for eligibility -- candidates are evaluated based on how far they are able to exceed these criteria.

Below you will find a list of general qualities we look for in applicants, in addition to any specific skills required by a particular position. 



  • will have significant (at least nine months) research or technical project experience
  • should have performed in the top quartile of their academic cohorts
  • will be adept at written, verbal, and visual communication, including online formats
  • will command strong laboratory and research skills
  • are prepared to engage in analysis and design challenges, as well as creation of research tools

Graduate Fellows

  • meet all the criteria above AND
  •  have a record of publication (including but not limited to white papers, posters, conference presentations, and pieces in student publications) OR
  • demonstrate successful completion of a project for which they played a significant role in the design or execution of the experiment and analysis or evaluation of the results

TechBridge Fellows

  • have proven success in their fields
  • possess the pre-requisite skills to build and lead a team in challenging environments
  • have a passion for discovering and commercializing cutting-edge cleantech innovations
  • desire to negotiate cleantech entrepreneurial ecosystems