Building Energy Management: Technology Assessment and Policy Analysis

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

Members of the Fraunhofer CSE management team meet with Boston Mayor Tom Menino at City Hall.

Supporting Actionable Clean Energy Policy

Fraunhofer performs technology assessment projects for government and industry to help them accurately evaluate the full potential of new or emerging building technologies. We evaluate the energy savings potential, technical maturity, commercialization drivers and barriers, and research needs and priorities. We also characterize the energy consumption of different end uses in buildings.


Services and Research Areas

Examples of technologies assessed by members of the Fraunhofer staff include:

  • Building Enclosures
  • Controls and Diagnostics
  • Consumer Electronics / Information & Communication Technology
  • HVAC
  • Miscellaneous and Electronic Loads
  • Medical Equipment

The Fraunhofer team also has extensive experience characterizing energy consumption for building end uses, such as:

  • Consumer Electronics / Information & Communication Technology
  • Miscellaneous and Electronic Loads
  • Medical Equipment