Building Enclosures and Materials

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

Fraunhofer-developed PCM capsules. IMAGE CREDIT: © Ansgar Pudenz/Deutscher Zukunftspreis

Evaluating Enclosures and Enclosure Components

The Building Enclosures and Materials Group works to evaluate the performance of building enclosures and their components. This research group tests and analyzes novel building materials, building envelope systems, dynamic building enclosure systems, and building-integrated solar technologies through laboratory and field testing and simulation.


Service and Research Areas

Fraunhofer CSE's Building Enclosures and Materials Group supports US and international building systems and material manufacturers in the following areas:

  • Research and development of novel energy-efficient materials and systems, including advanced thermal insulation and environmental barriers, phase change materials (PCMs), advanced ventilation strategies, and systems to control radiation heat transfer
  • Advanced thermal, hygrothermal modeling
  • Whole building energy analysis
  • Laboratory thermal / hygrothermal testing
  • Deployment and integration of energy-efficient technologies
  • Development and testing of novel building-integrated solar systems