CFV Solar Test Laboratory

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

CFV logo superimposed over an image of the Aperture Center at Mesa Del Sol.

Photovoltaic Concepts in the American Southwest

CFV Solar Test Laboratory, Inc. (CFV) is a photovoltaic test center which opened on April 7, 2011. It is jointly owned by CSA International, VDE Testing and Certification Institute, Fraunhofer ISE, and Fraunhofer CSE. It is located in Albuquerque, NM, in a state-of-the art facility.


CFV performs safety, performance and reliability testing of PV modules. Together with its partners CSA International and VDE the new CFV test laboratory is able to provide global certification, combining testing to North American standards (UL 1703), and International standards (IEC 61215, 61646 and 61730-2).


CFV cooperates closely with the co-located Fraunhofer research center to provide testing solutions for the most advanced PV technologies and to promote the development of new testing methodologies.