Fraunhofer CSE Living Laboratory

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

Exterior rendering of Fraunhofer CSE's Building Technology Showcase. Image courtesy of DiMella Schaffer.

Boston's Home for Building Technology Innovation

Located in the heart of Boston’s Innovation District, the Living Laboratory is home to Fraunhofer CSE’s Massachusetts R&D center for the advancement of sustainable energy systems. Born out of a 2013 energy-retrofit of a 100-year-old building, the Lab leverages cutting-edge design concepts and historic architecture alongside in-house research facilities, including a pilot solar module fabrication line, dedicated thermal testing laboratory, and extensive characterization/environmental testing resources.

Inside the Living Laboratory

Building History: From the first brick laid to the complete overhaul in 2013, discover the story behind 5 Channel Center and how it came to be Massachusetts’s Center for Sustainable Energy Systems.

Systems & Features: The lifeline of the Lab – a variety of energy-efficient systems, materials and measures work together to create significant reductions in whole-building energy consumption. 

Building Technology Showcase Exhibit: Open to the public, the Lab’s first floor offers an interactive educational exhibit that is designed to showcase new technologies to facilitate the widespread adoption of commercial and residential energy-saving technologies.

BTS Partners

The Living Laboratory is a product of the Building Technology Showcase, a collaboration of partners from leading building industry manufacturers and businesses who provided funding and donated energy-efficient systems, materials and services to the project.